Trinny and Susannah

I have loved Trinny and Susannah since the beginning and I am not even going to scare myself by working out how long ago that was, but I have since discovered they are quietly conquering the rest of the world.

In a previous life I have been known to help ladies with their wardrobes and cannot resist a good clear out! Trinny and Susannah really opened my eyes to the power of dressing for your shape, how much confidence it can give you and how shopping for yourself suddenly becomes fun!

I have a similar body shape to Trinny and value her layering tips and style advice plus admire her sense of humour!  Susannah’s carefree attitude and pure ballsiness is infectious.

You can find them via facebook or their blog

If you need a giggle check out their how to get a free facial whilst in the airport and Susannah Lets Rip

Love those girls!






Images via pinterest


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