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Fashion Friday – The Seventies Are Back

There’s no escaping the Seventies trend this season.

Ditch the skinnies and opt for flares this Friday.

















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Painted Projects – Peony & Sage Headboard, Oak Bench

I bought eight vintage headboards, four of which have a beautiful curved shape which I thought would suit a little girl’s room and the other four, which I have yet to do, I am thinking more for a boy’s room.

I painted the headboard using Corfu White chalk paint and gave it a waxed and distressed finish.

Then I chose Peony & Sage gorgeous Fudge Hares linen for the upholstery.

Piped in a Malabar wool check.

Currently for sale £155.00.

There are another three headboards available in this shape that can be upholstered and painted the same as this one or done completely differently to suit your room.

IMG_1971 copy

IMG_1983 copy

IMG_1986 copy

This vintage oak bench is such a charming piece and it has holes in the arms to store walking sticks or umbrellas.

Painted using Belgian Stone chalk paint, a lovely grey/green hue that compliments the wood and cream base coat once the paint has been sanded back.

Currently for sale £145.00


IMG_1900 copy

IMG_1898 copy

Footstools both vintage and new will be appearing on the blog soon.

Latest Project – Vintage Pine Cupboard

I spotted this sweet vintage pine cupboard and knew straight away I wanted to create a heavily distressed look on this piece.

Frustratingly I forgot to take before pictures which is something I intend to do more of on the blog so you get to see each transformation.

I chose a true bright white chalk paint called Corfu White for the exterior and Surrey Hills, a pastel green for the interior.

Often when painting with white I need to apply at least three coats which is exactly what I needed to do here.

I then applied a clear wax coat then got to work with the sandpaper.

A very satisfying part of the job.

Also gave the lovely brass handles a good clean.

Here are the results and the cupboard is currently for sale £245.00.

Would make a fabulous linen/toy cupboard.

IMG_1935 copy

IMG_1932 copy

IMG_1937 copyIMG_1933 copy

IMG_1939 copy

Painted Vintage Oak Trolley

Trolleys are such a versatile piece of furniture.

They can be used in so many rooms in so many ways.

I bought a brass one for my bathroom to match the inherited gold taps and I use it to display my perfume bottles and all the usual paraphernalia a woman needs. Invaluable.

I decided to paint this particular oak trolley with it’s lovely barley twist details and scalloped shelves in a lovely colour called Concrete as I knew when I gave it a distressed finish the lovely wood work would show through and compliment the taupe shade.

Here I have styled it with kitchen accessories but it would look just as lovely with bathroom towels, drinks bottles, coffee cups or books.

At the end of the photos I have also included some other images of trolleys to give you some inspiration on how to style these fabulous pieces of furniture.

This particular piece is currently for sale £125.00

IMG_1904 copy

IMG_1908 copy

IMG_1909 copy

IMG_1910 copy

Inspiration on how to style trolleys:







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Fashion Friday – Modern Classic: Blue Jeans & White Shirts

Turn a classic combo into a modern style this Friday.











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Latest Projects – Upholstered Furniture & Other Bits

Alongside painting vintage furniture I love sourcing vintage chairs and giving them a new lease of life through fabrics and trims.

Here are a few of my more recent projects.

Victorian wire frame slipper chair, upholstered in Thornback & Peel’s Blue Rabbit linen.

Currently for sale £675.00

IMG_0794 copy

IMG_0788 copy

IMG_0781 copy

IMG_0792 copy

I couldn’t resist this sweet tub chair and chose this beautiful pheasant linen fabric to go with a piece of tartan wool I had.

IMG_3585 copy

IMG_3587 copy

IMG_3583 copy

This vintage sofa was beautiful as it was, so I decided to sell it either as it was or offer a re-upholstery service.

It actually sold as it was.

IMG_1721 copy

This pheasant and tartan chair was a commission piece from the original tartan chair.

I sourced a bedroom chair and tartan to compliment the customer’s room.

IMG_1522 copy

An antique Wedgewood Game Pie dish with beautiful detail.

Currently for sale £175.00

IMG_1533 copy

IMG_1491 copy

A pair of Edwardian chairs I couldn’t part with.

A gift to me.


This gorgeous pheasant fabric is proving to be very popular.

This lovely footstool was shipped off to Scotland as a Christmas present for a customer.

IMG_1093 copy


This cabinet is a home project.

I’ve always wanted a display cabinet to house all my glassware so I installed an LED lighting system and hey presto.


I bought a collection of Johnson Bros Rose Chintz pottery that sold to a very happy lady who collects floral tea sets.


This elegant style chair has been reupholstered using a Sanderson Manilla fabric and piped in black velvet.

A modern twist on a vintage chair.

Currently for sale £375.00

IMG_1049 copy

IMG_1052 copy

IMG_1054 copy

This was a commission piece using the pheasant linen combined with my customer’s family tartan.

Happy to report she was thrilled with the final product.

IMG_1058 copy

Latest Projects – Painted Furniture

Happy New Year!!

I hope you’re all having a wonderful start to the New Year.

I thought I’d kick start 2015 with a post on my latest projects.

This charming drop leaf table had a lovely varnished top in great condition that I decided to leave it and just paint the legs.

I chose Chateau Grey chalk paint to compliment wood.

IMG_0671 copy


This solid oak sideboard was a true beauty.

I used Belgian Stone paint for the exterior and Country Grey for the interior followed by a coat of dark wax to give the aged appearance.

The carving detail really came alive after a distressed and waxed finish.

IMG_0716 copy


IMG_3596 copy


IMG_3594 copy

Another gorgeous sideboard with carving detail.

Paintwork Linen chalk paint with Lavender for the interior.

Couldn’t resist the bow detail.

IMG_1184 copy

IMG_1193 copy

IMG_1187 copy

IMG_1191 copy

This next piece is a real gem.

A Victorian pine dresser with beautiful glass flower handles.

I chose After Rain paint, a lovely subtle pale grey/blue paint that would suit any kitchen.

The top has been stripped and waxed, which adds real texture to the piece.

Currently for sale £795.00

IMG_1205 copy

IMG_1206 copy

IMG_1216 copy

IMG_1208 copy

IMG_1213 copy

A lovely mahogany cupboard, painted in Belgian Stone and Country Grey once again.

Is proving to be a winning combo.

Loved the shape of this piece, offers lots of storage without being too large for a room.

IMG_1233 copy

IMG_1237 copy

IMG_1241 copy

Sweet chest of drawers painted in Paris Grey.

Waxed and distressed finish.

The handles took a lot of polishing, but was worth it to see them shine.

IMG_1253 copy

IMG_1256 copy

IMG_1260 copy

I decided this oak cabinet would really suit a heavily distressed finish so chose Linen paint and got to work.

The interior has been painted with Chateau Grey.

I think the overall effect works well.

IMG_3633 copy

IMG_3636 copy

IMG_3628 copy

A set of 6 dining chairs I painted using Nearly Black chalk paint.

The seat pads were reupholstered in a Westminster wool check fabric, inspired by Ralph Lauren interiors.

Currently for sale £450.00

IMG_1708 copy

IMG_1702 copy

IMG_1703 copy

This stunning sideboard could only be painted black.

I love how the warm mahogany wood shows through the distressing.

A fabulous piece that didn’t hang around long.

IMG_1313 copy

IMG_1318 copy

IMG_1320 copy

IMG_1317 copy

Please enquire if you would like any pieces of furniture sourcing.

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