Painted Vintage Oak Trolley

Trolleys are such a versatile piece of furniture.

They can be used in so many rooms in so many ways.

I bought a brass one for my bathroom to match the inherited gold taps and I use it to display my perfume bottles and all the usual paraphernalia a woman needs. Invaluable.

I decided to paint this particular oak trolley with it’s lovely barley twist details and scalloped shelves in a lovely colour called Concrete as I knew when I gave it a distressed finish the lovely wood work would show through and compliment the taupe shade.

Here I have styled it with kitchen accessories but it would look just as lovely with bathroom towels, drinks bottles, coffee cups or books.

At the end of the photos I have also included some other images of trolleys to give you some inspiration on how to style these fabulous pieces of furniture.

This particular piece is currently for sale £125.00

IMG_1904 copy

IMG_1908 copy

IMG_1909 copy

IMG_1910 copy

Inspiration on how to style trolleys:







Images via Pinterest.


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