Painted Projects – Peony & Sage Headboard, Oak Bench

I bought eight vintage headboards, four of which have a beautiful curved shape which I thought would suit a little girl’s room and the other four, which I have yet to do, I am thinking more for a boy’s room.

I painted the headboard using Corfu White chalk paint and gave it a waxed and distressed finish.

Then I chose Peony & Sage gorgeous Fudge Hares linen for the upholstery.

Piped in a Malabar wool check.

Currently for sale £155.00.

There are another three headboards available in this shape that can be upholstered and painted the same as this one or done completely differently to suit your room.

IMG_1971 copy

IMG_1983 copy

IMG_1986 copy

This vintage oak bench is such a charming piece and it has holes in the arms to store walking sticks or umbrellas.

Painted using Belgian Stone chalk paint, a lovely grey/green hue that compliments the wood and cream base coat once the paint has been sanded back.

Currently for sale £145.00


IMG_1900 copy

IMG_1898 copy

Footstools both vintage and new will be appearing on the blog soon.


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