Latest Painting Project – Antique Corner Cupboard.

A corner cupboard is the perfect solution for a room with limited floor space.

This particular antique one has oodles of storage space with beautifully shaped shelving and has the sweetest small inner drawers.

I painted the interior a gorgeous blue colour called Nautique as I thought the top cupboard doors could be left open to display  treasures and show off the beautiful shelving.

The exterior I painted using Earth Stone, a lovely neutral tone that works with everything.

Includes two working keys.

Additionally, the handmade Portuguese cabbage leaf dessert plates are also for sale £13.00 each.

Corner Cupboard for sale £295.00.

IMG_5967 copy

IMG_5968 copy

IMG_5962 copy

IMG_5959 copy

IMG_5963 copy


Until next time…


2 responses to “Latest Painting Project – Antique Corner Cupboard.

  • Emma Lawrenson

    Is this lovely corner cupboard still available? If it is what size is it? Also where are you based?
    It’s just what I’m looking for 😊

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