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Latest Painting Project – Georgian Dining Table.

I am sure I have commented on my love for round dining tables before but just for good measure I shall do it again.

Not only are they aesthetically pleasing but they are also very sociable pieces of furniture as everyone gets to chat easily to each other and no one gets the dud seat.

This Georgian table is a perfect example.

Wherever possible I always try to leave the wood of table tops in its original condition but unfortunately this piece had to be painted so I chose Nearly black chalk paint and Elephant Grey for the legs.

The top has been protected with a matt varnish and the legs with a clear wax which were then given a very light distressed finish.

Original brass feet castors.

Currently for sale – £325.00

IMG_6734 copy

IMG_6736 copy

IMG_6741 copy

IMG_6738 copy


Latest Painting Project – Vintage Sideboard & Victorian Hall Chair.

Sideboards come in all sorts of shapes and sizes but one thing they all offer is fabulous storage space.

This piece in particular has two central curved drawers and two cupboards with shelves.

Perfect for storing a multitude of items from linens, crockery and cutlery to towels and bedding.

I chose my ever faithful Belgian Stone chalk paint for the exterior and Nautique for the interior to add that pop of surprise colour.

Waxed and lightly distressed.

Currently for sale £295.00

IMG_6042 copy

IMG_6045 copy

IMG_6036 copy

This hall chair had my name on it.

Odd chairs are such useful pieces to have around the home; to display your favourite cushion, somewhere to throw your post in the morning, an extra seat around the dinner table if required.

I chose Pigeon Grey paint for this chair, such a beautiful colour that would work with most colour schemes.

Waxed and distressed finish.

Currently for sale £60.00

IMG_5943 copy

IMG_5948 copy

IMG_5951 copy

Until next time..

Latest Painting Project – Antique Corner Cupboard.

A corner cupboard is the perfect solution for a room with limited floor space.

This particular antique one has oodles of storage space with beautifully shaped shelving and has the sweetest small inner drawers.

I painted the interior a gorgeous blue colour called Nautique as I thought the top cupboard doors could be left open to display  treasures and show off the beautiful shelving.

The exterior I painted using Earth Stone, a lovely neutral tone that works with everything.

Includes two working keys.

Additionally, the handmade Portuguese cabbage leaf dessert plates are also for sale £13.00 each.

Corner Cupboard for sale £295.00.

IMG_5967 copy

IMG_5968 copy

IMG_5962 copy

IMG_5959 copy

IMG_5963 copy


Until next time…

Latest Painting Project – Early Victorian Chest of Drawers.

A large chest of drawers is a worthwhile investment.

Not only do they provide a practical storage purpose but they can also be a statement piece for a room, particularly a bedroom.

I chose gorgeous Pigeon Grey paint for these early Victorian drawers as I wanted a colour that would enhance the beautiful mother of pearl inlay turned handles and escutcheons.

Also the shaped feet are worth noting on this chest, elegant yet substantial proportions.

Currently for sale – £495.00


IMG_4353 copy

IMG_4350 copy

IMG_4353a copy

IMG_4348 copy

Until next time..

Latest Painting Projects.

Thought I’d write this post whilst I’m waiting for couriers to arrive with the next load of vintage goodies.

These chests of drawers are being shipped to a lovely lady who wanted a similar sized pair painted in the same colour.

I had already painted this first chest in Belgian Stone chalk paint which she loved and worked with her colour scheme.

Both chests were painted in the lovely grey/green chalk paint then waxed and given a lightly distressed finish.

All sets of handles needed some elbow grease to bring them back to their former glory and it was worth it.

IMG_3126 copy

IMG_3119 copy

IMG_3124 copy

IMG_3190 copy


There’s something lovely about owning a dressing table.

A piece of furniture that can be used to display all your favourite personal pieces such as photos, jewellery, perfume.

This dressing table was painted in Almond chalk paint, waxed and given a lightly distressed finish.

It has beautiful drop handles that cleaned up a treat.

I currently have four more dressing tables in stock, please enquire if you’d like to know more.

IMG_2997 copy copy

IMG_2999 copy

IMG_3005a copy

The next pair of dining tables have been painted using Belgian Stone chalk paint on the legs.

It has to be my favourite colour as it works with so many colour schemes.

Again waxed and distressed finish.

Both have since sold but I do have another extendable dining table with gorgeous legs in stock waiting to be painted.

IMG_3016 copy


IMG_2895 copy

IMG_2888 copy

IMG_2891 copy

I love painting this style of sideboard in black paint.

It really transforms it into a statement piece of furniture and black is the perfect colour to display glass, mirror, porcelain.

I chose Nearly Black chalk paint then gave it a coat of dark wax which gives the black paint a richer, glossier finish.

It had to be distressed of course so that the beautiful mahogany wood could shine through.

Now sold but I buy pieces like this all the time.

Please drop me a line if you’d like to be added to my furniture sourcing book.

IMG_3098 copy

IMG_3093 copy

IMG_3094 copy

This sweet rocking chair was a commission job for a customer.

She wanted it painting white with a little distressing so I chose Casa Blanca chalk paint.

It will look gorgeous in her granddaughter’s nursery.


Lots of pieces are being delivered today and next week ready for painting, including dressing tables, wardrobe, bureau, chairs, Edwardian drawing room suite, Pembroke table, cabinet, chest of drawers.

If you’d like to see any photos before I paint so you can request a particular colour just drop me a line or email me on white67@btinternet.com.

Until next time.

Lilac Wall.


This lilac wall is the perfect backdrop for dark wood furniture and potted blue hydrangeas.

Image via Pinterest.

Bench Mark.


Royal blue and oak, a match made in heaven.

Image via Pinterest.

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