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New Arrival – Fabulous 1920’s/30’s Walnut Cupboard.

This gorgeous walnut cupboard sang to me from across the room.

It was the shape of the legs and fold out cupboard doors that contrasted with the half circle handles that really caught my eye.

I whisked it off to my antiques restorer who did an amazing job of stripping it back and under his experienced eye he informed me that the piece is extremely well made as it has a solid back, the drawers are mahogany, solid walnut top, sides and shelves.

It’s virtually identical to a Heals piece of furniture but without the makers mark (or price tag!).

A charming piece I think you’ll agree.

Currently for sale – £325.00

IMG_9441 copy

IMG_9439 copy

IMG_9432 copy

IMG_9429 copy

IMG_9427 copy

Until next time..


Latest Painting Project – Vintage Pine Wall Cabinet.

Wall cabinets are the secret for anyone searching for extra storage space with limited floor space.

Also they look fabulous too!

This gorgeous vintage pine wall cabinet has the added bonus of two small drawers which could be a lovely place to store keys in a hallway, make up in a bedroom, soap in a bathroom or general paraphernalia in a kitchen.

I chose Earth Stone chalk paint for the exterior (a lovely brown/grey) and Pavot Bleu for the interior ( a deep lavender/blue).

Lightly distressed and waxed finish.

Currently for sale: £295.00

IMG_8411 copy

IMG_8400 copy

IMG_8402 copy

IMG_8406 copy

IMG_8404 copy

Until next time..

Latest Painting Project – Antique Corner Cupboard.

A corner cupboard is the perfect solution for a room with limited floor space.

This particular antique one has oodles of storage space with beautifully shaped shelving and has the sweetest small inner drawers.

I painted the interior a gorgeous blue colour called Nautique as I thought the top cupboard doors could be left open to display  treasures and show off the beautiful shelving.

The exterior I painted using Earth Stone, a lovely neutral tone that works with everything.

Includes two working keys.

Additionally, the handmade Portuguese cabbage leaf dessert plates are also for sale £13.00 each.

Corner Cupboard for sale £295.00.

IMG_5967 copy

IMG_5968 copy

IMG_5962 copy

IMG_5959 copy

IMG_5963 copy


Until next time…

Latest Painting Project – Vintage Cabinet.

Anything with a mirrored back is a have to have piece.

This vintage cabinet is perfect for storing glassware as the mirror reflects the light and makes your glass sparkle.

Hand painted using Elephant Grey for the exterior and Almond for the shelves.

Waxed and distressed finish.

Particularly love the shaping of the doors on this cabinet and it comes with brass fixtures ready to hang on the wall.

Currently for sale, if you click on the Shop link at the top of the page it will take you to my Shop where you will find more details.

IMG_4023 copy

IMG_3994 copy

IMG_4020 copy

IMG_4018 copy

Until next time…

Latest Painting Project – Linen Cupboard.

If I had the space this piece would be a keeper.

A vintage bow front cupboard over drawers makes the perfect linen cupboard.

The two shelves in the cupboard slide out easily so you can use the hanging rail to store shirts should you wish.

I call this my Ladurée cupboard as I chose a gorgeous mint green paint called Dried Moss which just perfect with the ornate brass handles.

The interior was painted using Country Grey.

The whole piece has been given a coat of clear wax then given an aged look with dark wax and light distressing.

Currently for sale £375.00

IMG_3947 copy

IMG_3950 copy

IMG_3951 copy

IMG_3949 copy

IMG_3938 copy

IMG_3955 copy

Until next time.

Latest Painting Projects.

I decided to paint this lovely book case in romantic colours to enhance the beautiful bow detail this piece has.

I chose French Grey, Concrete, Earth Stone, Code Blue and a hint of gold.

Lots of layering, distressing and finally waxing.

Currently for sale £125.00

IMG_3827 copy

IMG_3828 copy

IMG_3833 copy

IMG_3836 copy

Continuing with the romantic theme I chose Paris Grey over French Grey with highlights of Code Blue for this fabulous oak sideboard.

Waxed and moderately distressed.

I adore the copper handles which compliment the pastel colours beautifully.

Currently for sale £425.00

IMG_3890 copy

IMG_3882 copy

IMG_3891 copy

IMG_3889 copy

IMG_3881 copy

More painted pieces will be posted this week.

Shades of Beige.


Earthy tones and natural materials bring rustic charm to this beautiful kitchen.

The brown/grey painted cupboard is such a gorgeous piece.

Has inspired me. The next cupboard I source I may just have to transform into a centre aisle…

Image via Pinterest.

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