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Latest Painting Project – Oval Dining Table Gustavian Style.

I’ve mentioned before my love for a drop leaf table as they are such versatile pieces.

Not only do they make great space saving dining tables but they also look fabulous placed behind sofas and in hallways as console tables.

This particular table is a favourite of mine as it is oval in shape and has beautiful deep leaves that hide the legs when they are folded away.

As the table is oak I chose a Gustavian style paint effect as the grain of the wood absorbs the pale grey wash beautifully against the Belgian Stone chalk paint base.

I then finished the whole piece with white wax.

Seats up to 8 people.

Currently for sale £375.00





Until next time..


Latest Painting Project – Grey Oval Dining Table.

This sweet drop leaf, oval dining table is painted using a beautiful subtle grey called After Rain.

It was then lightly distressed and finished with a matt varnish that is water resistant.

I particularly love the scalloped edging on the table sides so that your knees fit comfortably underneath.

Reeded, splayed legs with brass claw feet.

This compact size also lends itself as a console table either in a hallway or behind a sofa.

Currently for sale: £275.00

IMG_7678 copy

IMG_7675 copy

IMG_7682 copy

IMG_7685 copy


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Latest Painting Project – Rustic Pine Kitchen Table.

I saw this pine kitchen table and thought rustic, heavily distressed and petrol blue.

Well, petrol blue is the name I’ve given to this bespoke paint colour I mixed.

It’s a combination of blue and black paint to create this lovely petrol/ink blue.

Heavily distressed and finished with coats of clear and dark wax.

Currently For Sale: £225.00

IMG_7503 copy

IMG_7504 copy


IMG_7517 copy

Until next time..

Latest Painting Project – Vintage Dining Table.

Not one to miss out on buying an extendable dining table, as discussed in a previous post, I couldn’t resist this gorgeous piece.

The fact you can extend the table to your desired size is a bonus but also the curved lines are what make this table all the more attractive.

An elegant piece of furniture with beautiful reeded splayed legs on claw feet.

I chose Nearly Black chalk paint for the top and Earth Stone for the legs.

The top has been protected with a matt, water resistant varnish and the legs have been waxed then given a lightly distressed finish.

Now Sold.

IMG_6998 copy

IMG_7002 copy

IMG_6977 copy

IMG_6997 copy

Until next time..

Latest Painting Project – Dining Table.

As I’m sure I’ve said before, extendable dining tables are such a good investment for those of us with space issues.

This is a lovely example plus it comes with added benefits; this table splits into two lovely hall or console tables.

I can envisage the tables placed either side of a fireplace with identical mirrors hung above each one.

Or for its intended use, it makes a fabulous kitchen/dining table.

Hand painted using Linen chalk paint, waxed and lightly distressed legs and the top has been protected with a clear matt varnish.

On original castors.

Currently for sale £325.00

IMG_6909 copy

IMG_6907 copy

IMG_6905 copy

IMG_6925 copy

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Latest Painting Project – Georgian Dining Table.

I am sure I have commented on my love for round dining tables before but just for good measure I shall do it again.

Not only are they aesthetically pleasing but they are also very sociable pieces of furniture as everyone gets to chat easily to each other and no one gets the dud seat.

This Georgian table is a perfect example.

Wherever possible I always try to leave the wood of table tops in its original condition but unfortunately this piece had to be painted so I chose Nearly black chalk paint and Elephant Grey for the legs.

The top has been protected with a matt varnish and the legs with a clear wax which were then given a very light distressed finish.

Original brass feet castors.

Currently for sale – £325.00

IMG_6734 copy

IMG_6736 copy

IMG_6741 copy

IMG_6738 copy

Rustic Dining.







Natural wood combined with neutral tones create a dining space that exudes warmth and the expectation of delicious wholesome food.

Or is that just me?

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