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Wednesday Wish List – Charlotte Tilbury Products

I love make up.

Always have.

I also have too much make up but to save myself from this guilt I give my two daughters any products I fall out with to be their play make up and occasionally I retrieve a long forgotten lipstick, as I did this week.

Just don’t ask how many lipsticks I own…

I also love a good clear out, after which time I feel the need to replenish my stock.

Charlotte Tilbury products seem very appealing and up to now I only own a lipstick from her range – Bitch Perfect, a fabulous pinky nude.

Gotta love the name.

I would love to hear if anyone has tried her skincare or make up range as the Miracle Glow and Magic Cream has had a lot of press.

Mary Greenwell, legendary make up artist, claims Charlotte Tilbury’s make up will be iconic in the future.

If it’s good enough for Mary…








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