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Latest Painting Project – Rustic Pine Kitchen Table.

I saw this pine kitchen table and thought rustic, heavily distressed and petrol blue.

Well, petrol blue is the name I’ve given to this bespoke paint colour I mixed.

It’s a combination of blue and black paint to create this lovely petrol/ink blue.

Heavily distressed and finished with coats of clear and dark wax.

Currently For Sale: £225.00

IMG_7503 copy

IMG_7504 copy


IMG_7517 copy

Until next time..


Trinity Green.



Simply stunning renovation of a Grade 1 listed Almshouse by Chris Dyson Architects.

Ochre Walls.




I currently have a thing for ochre walls which is so out of my comfort zone.

Have bought the paint, now just need the courage and the time!

Walda Pairon’s Beautiful Kitchen.


I adore Belgian designer Walda Pairon’s stunning kitchen.

It looks like a still from a Nancy Meyers film.

The beautiful use of light, colour and accessories create a welcoming space that exudes personality.

A designer I shall be researching with interest.

Latest Painting Project – Rustic Dining Table.

Dining tables with an extra leaf are such a valuable piece of furniture.

This particular table can be transformed from a square table for four to a rectangular table for six.

Not only that but this table has the most impressive legs on castors.

I sanded the top and applied a few coats of clear wax then chose Earth Stone chalk paint for the legs, waxed them and gave them a distressed finish.

A charming dining/kitchen table.

For Sale – £295.00


IMG_3640 copy



More pieces to come very soon.

Old Meets New.


I have a Victorian pine dresser that I keep meaning to paint but you know the phrase “a cobbler’s son is always the worst shod” that is my case in point.

Anyway I have fallen out of love with the top piece but the base would make the perfect kitchen sideboard as demonstrated above and would sit very nicely next to my Smeg stove.

I’ll just add it to my ever growing to do list.

Busy, busy week ahead of painting, until next time…

Cooking in the dark.







Main image. Use other shot for left hand planks.

The idea of using black when decorating can be a daunting thought.

However, it really isn’t as scary as you might think.

The colour black (or non-colour)  gives your eye something to focus on rather than drifting around a room full of pale neutrals.

If your kitchen doesn’t benefit from natural light you can combat this by using reflective surfaces, opt for a gloss finish or mix it with light neutrals.

Or begin by simply adding a splash of black whether it be a pair of lamps, kitchen chairs or a painted wall, the effect will instantly add depth to your room.

The beauty of black is that it can be used to create a sophisticated, modern look or to create a rustic, country feel.

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