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Latest Painting Project – Victorian Sideboard Painted Nearly Black.

This sideboard isn’t just a sideboard, this is a thing of beauty.

It has gorgeous curved drawers, intricate carved features and plenty of storage for any room in your house.

I painted the exterior in Nearly Black chalk paint then covered with a coat of black wax and lightly distressed the paintwork.

The interior I painted using Belgian Stone chalk paint and clear wax.

Currently for sale – £325.00

For more information please click on the Shop link at the top of the page.




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Latest Painting Project – Elephant Grey & Gold Painted Sideboard.

A beautiful bow fronted sideboard on elegantly tapered legs with some of the most gorgeous handles I’ve seen in a while.

The handles in question are fabulous round drop brass handles that have cleaned up a dream.

Hand painted using Elephant Grey chalk paint and then gold gilding wax to highlight very subtly the edges of the cupboards, drawer and legs.

Waxed and lightly distressed finish.

Complimented with a new plum key tassel.

Currently for sale – £375.00

IMG_7857 copy


IMG_7842 copy

IMG_7845 copy

Until next time..

Latest Painting Projects.

I chose Nearly Black and Belgian Stone for this elegant sideboard.

Belgian Stone, as I’ve mentioned before, is one of my favourite colours, a lovely grey/green that compliments any gold or brass hardware.

Perfect for this piece.

What I also love about this sideboard is that the centre drawer has a cutlery compartment.

Currently for sale £325.00

IMG_3825 copy

IMG_3806 copy

IMG_3810 copy

IMG_3814 copy

IMG_3821 copy

One of the things I look for most when buying a table is the legs.

This table has beautifully shaped legs that pull out to form a fabulous dining table to seat 8 people.

I painted the top using Nearly Black chalk paint then protected it with a couple of coats of clear matt varnish.

For the legs I chose Duck Egg which when distressed compliments the mahogany wood underneath.

Currently for sale £295.00

IMG_3865 copy

IMG_3851 copy

IMG_3869 copy

IMG_3855 copy

Until next time.

Latest Painting Projects.

I decided to paint this lovely book case in romantic colours to enhance the beautiful bow detail this piece has.

I chose French Grey, Concrete, Earth Stone, Code Blue and a hint of gold.

Lots of layering, distressing and finally waxing.

Currently for sale £125.00

IMG_3827 copy

IMG_3828 copy

IMG_3833 copy

IMG_3836 copy

Continuing with the romantic theme I chose Paris Grey over French Grey with highlights of Code Blue for this fabulous oak sideboard.

Waxed and moderately distressed.

I adore the copper handles which compliment the pastel colours beautifully.

Currently for sale £425.00

IMG_3890 copy

IMG_3882 copy

IMG_3891 copy

IMG_3889 copy

IMG_3881 copy

More painted pieces will be posted this week.

Latest Painting Project – Sideboard.

Another sideboard? I hear you say.

These pieces are proving to be rather popular and I understand why.

This particular piece would look great in a kitchen, dining room, sitting room or bathroom filled with towels and all the paraphernalia we need.

Original bevelled edge mirror.

I chose Belgian Stone for the exterior and Duck Egg for the interior.

These two colours compliment each other so well.

Lightly distressed and waxed finish.

Currently for sale £325.00


IMG_3745 copy

IMG_3747 copy

IMG_3748 copy

IMG_3754 copy

Until next time.

Painted Furniture – Victorian Chiffonier

Chiffoniers are such versatile pieces of furniture and sit beautifully within a country style kitchen.

Perfect to provide additional storage space for crockery, glasses and cutlery.

This piece has a concealed curved front drawer which is designed to store cutlery and then beneath is an abundance of cleverly designed shelving.

Hand painted using Earth Stone chalk paint for the exterior then Country Grey for the interior with added dark wax.

Distressed finish.

Currently for sale £325.00

IMG_3801 copy

IMG_3793 copy

IMG_3790 copy

IMG_3798 copy

IMG_3794 copy


Until next time.

Latest Painting Project – French Style Sideboard.

I thought I’d try something new with this sideboard.

I thought I’d transform it from a traditional, bland oak sideboard to a French style, chic sideboard by using two paint colours.

I chose Paris Grey and Casa Blanca.

What a fun piece to paint and what a transformation!

Currently For Sale – £325.00

IMG_3767 copy

IMG_3772 copy

IMG_3770 copy

IMG_3776 copy

Until next time.

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